Blossoming Lamp – assembly manual

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This page contains a manual for assembling Blossoming Lamp for E14 bulb – model originally designed by emmett, which I remixed by adding new features:

  • It is adjusted for E14 light bulbs with outer diameter up to 42 mm (use LED bulb only)
  • Bulb can be mounted using threaded holder (26 mm)
  • Removable shades (try printing them in different colors!)
  • New slim stand (with and without place for switch)

There are two versions of remixed lamp: A and B. The differ in the way how opening/closing petals works. To compare these lamps and download STL files, please visit Thingiverse:

The assembly of both versions is quite similar – the major difference is how the top part (with petals) is mounted on the stand part:


Both A and B versions have stand with and without place for internal power switch. If you prefer to use power cord with integrated switch, print the Stand-without-switch.stl file. In this manual I will show how to mount version B lamp with the switch.

First, you will need the following printed parts:


Besides printed parts, you will need the following items:

  • LED light bulb (I used bulb with E14 thread)
  • Bulb holder (26 mm external diameter)
  • Power cord

For stand with a switch window, you will additionally need:

  • A switch (window is 21 x 12 mm)
  • 2 connectors matching switch contacts
  • Heat shrink tube
  • Optionally some small stones to make a stand more heavy


After printing the stand, remove the built-in support:



It’s good to check whether a power switch fits the window on the stand. If not, you can broaden it with a file:


Before next steps, it’s worth to check whether the rest of parts match together. Also make sure that the petals on top parts are able to move freely.

The assembly is quite straightforward – but if you have any doubts or problems, do not hesitate to ask in comments.


Remove about 20 cm of insulation:


Cut one of internal wires and remove insulation:


Mount the connectors:





Depending on construction of your bulb holder, you may need to solder both ends of cables:






Put the bulb holder into the stand. Before you screw it in, it’s good to rotate a holder 10-15 times counterclockwise. It will prevent cables to twist inside the stand. The holder should stick out from the stand about 5 mm:



Pull the cables through the switch window and mount the switch:

You may put some small stones (or other heavy items) inside the stands, so the lamp will be more stable:


Screw the top part into the stand:



Put the printed nut item …


… light bulb …


… and lampshade:



If you have any problems with opening / closing lamp (e.g. when it doesn’t open completely) you may try to file off the blocks on the top part (only these already chamfered):


And that’s all :) If you made this lamp using your own printer, don’t forget to let me know in comments below!

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Paweł Ślusarczyk
7 lat temu

Fajne :-) Sam chciałem to zrobić, ale utknąłem na czerwonej oprawce. Miałem zbyt mocno dociśniętą głowicę do stołu i cały spód spoił się w jeden element niemożliwy od otwarcia :-) Moje rozczarowanie było tak silne, że zabrakło mi motywacji do tego aby zacząć drukować to od nowa…

Krzysztof Matusiewicz
Krzysztof Matusiewicz
7 lat temu

Dzięki! Akurat jestem w trakcie kończenia opisywania tego projektu – w ciągu paru dni wrzucę osobny wpis na ten temat. Ta strona w zamyśle ma zawierać instrukcję po angielsku do podlinkowania do Thingiverse :) W oryginale lampa nie pozwala na zamontowanie standardowej żarówki E14 – stąd kilka moich modyfikacji. Ale o tym wkrótce :) A co do Twoich problemów – to nie jest zbyt prosty wydruk. Nawet jeśli ustawi się dobrze odległość dyszy od stołu to później trzeba całość rozruszać – czasem zajmuje to parę minut, raz się z tym męczyłem pół godziny, a raz w ogóle uszkodziłem całą lampę :)

6 lat temu

Krzystof, thank you so much for sharing this, just printed the petals and am amazed by your design – I usually don’t say thank you, but ge a feeling you really put in a lot of efforts! Keep up the good work and take care.

Best BlossomingLampFan

Krzysztof Matusiewicz
Krzysztof Matusiewicz
6 lat temu

Thanks! Good luck in printing :)